Fix packet loss on Ubuntu Server with Wireless driver

Now I’m reaching at second week if a my pure Ubuntu Server 12.04 installation, and my memories at this moment are “a little wired”. All this because of a packet loss with my wireless driver, that, oddly .. this don’t happen on Ubuntu Desktop version with your billions of packages for network like drivers, controllers, etc…

So, after any searches about the correctly problem, I’m was finally found the root cause, a strange package loss of my Wireless card. I’m was posted about this here, but I’ve applied this fix on Ubuntu Server, however it’s not a main problem, because the driver works perfectly.

Basically, I’m need a better network manager than native OS manager, so I’ve installed the wicd Network manager. Your install it’s a very simple, however you need replace the native Ubuntu network manager by him. So you’ll need do this at CL:

Done! Now we need reboot (recommended) or just reboot wicd service:


Feel be happy with your wireless network at 100% even having a ridiculous DSL service.

Until next time.