Gnome shell tip #1 – Retangular area screenshot shortcut

Hi again,

The Gnome shell or most popularly called  of Gnome 3 it’s a great and light interface for linux distros even still having some bugs, this version it’s more flexible and beautiful. The extensions support it’s an great resource to plug additional functionality to increase the user experience.

For many years I’m used KDE as my preferred interface, for my work he is very pratice, for example the screenshot app can be trigged by Print screen key…on Gnome 3 too..however on KDE when you press the Print screen key the app starts showing the image and you can decide what you want do with her.

At Gnome Shell, this process has been automatized with ‘auto-save’ image at ~/Pictures/screenshot-YYYY-dd-mm-HH-MM-ss.png file. It’s is good, however with you needed an specific area you need open app on main menu or by CLI:

Today after any searches I found an extension to manage screenshot of specific areas…but an comment speak about one keyboard shortcut for this.

At laptops keyboards you’ll need use Fn key:

When you press this keyboard shortcut, an ‘+’ appears on your screen to you select your desired area of screen and will be auto-saved at default Pictures folder of your user.

I’ll be ;)