How to fix mysql.sock bug on CentOS 5.2

Distros like CentOS keeps for a long time ~stable~ packages in him repositories. In most of time its great, but sometimes it’s sucks…this is my short story of one VM with CentOS 5.2 with all installed packages from your official repository.

I installed mysql-server 5.1.71 without customizations, the service its OK but, eventually service stopped running, wihtout logs, dmesg informations, etc. After many searches on Google, I finally found the root of all evil, a default configuration file ‘/etc/my.cnf’ was malformed, in this case the file doesn’t contains [client] section. I added this section like MySQL’s installation of Debian-based distros:

Put this content at end of configuration file:

After this, I just rebooted my VM to test initialization of all services, and, the MySQL.