Remmina – An open solution for remote access for Linux

Remmina app.

With you want a good app to RDP, VNC, SSH and SFTP access and, also  ‘for free!’, you have Remmina. Remmina is an open source you can install easily by apt-getTo install you do:

Done! Now you can use him for many purposes, like access Windows Remote Desktops (RDP), VNC connections, sharing folders remotely, SSH and SFTP connections. For SSH and SFTP I still prefer to use command line, is more fast and secure..but you cannot save/store the password connections.

On Remote Desktop connections, you can pass aditional parameters, like:

  • Username;
  • Color definitions;
  • Resolutions (and default remote resolution with target have a monitor plugged);
  •  Share printers;
  • Security configs;
  • And more;

Bye :D