Removing deepin-translator from DDE

Deepin is a Chinese Ubuntu-based distro that contains a powerful and very beautiful graphical interface called DDE (deepin-desktop-environment). This interface has a lot of usual features like side control panel, custom software center, an elegant dock menu and the main reason, no critical bugs like Gnome 3 or Unity. You can read more about Deepin here.

One of this features is deepin-translator, this plugin allows for user to quickly translate any selected text putting mouse cursor hover selected text or pressing Ctrl key hover this text. If you’re a developer, sometimes this resource let your work so awful on Eclipse, SQL editors, because you are all time selecting SQL statements to copy-past between editors and deepin-translator always appears hover your selected text, and sometimes it breaks your copy-paste.

To be free of this headache, you can kill the process or remove it from your system. I prefer remove this package, because I really don’t need to translate anything, so to remove you’ll run the command bellow:

[bash] sudo apt-get remove deepin-translator[/bash]

Now, feel free from this plugin : )