Setup serviio DLNA server on Ubuntu based distros

Serviio is a powerful Java media server (DNLA) for Linux, Windows and Mac. After Ubuntu 12, some packages were removed from repositories, such as ffmpeg, that which one is a main dependency os Serviio. So, if you are in distros based on newer versions of Ubuntu (12+), you’ll need to obtain this package from another source, or you can use the steps below.

Add a ffmpeg PPA repository:

[bash]sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jon-severinsson/ffmpeg[/bash]

After you’ll must update apt’s package list:

[bash]sudo apt-get update[/bash]

Now, install ffmpeg package:

[bash]sudo apt-get install ffmpeg[/bash]

Another required package is dcraw, this one has lots of functions to process and decode images. Some distros have this package, but if you don’t have installed yet, just install it:

[bash]sudo apt-get install dcraw[/bash]

To run Serviio just execute your bash file:

[bash]sudo /bin/sh …serviio/bin/[/bash]

And for access GUI:

[bash]sudo /bin/sh …serviio/bin/[/bash]

To inspect Serviio’s logs, you can use tail command:

[bash]tail -f serviio/log/derby.log[/bash]

Enjoy :)