Mounting USB disks to write live USB

Mounting USB disks to write live USB

When you are trying to write live USB images of Ubuntu based distros, you’ll need to mount your USB device in a mount point as /media/pendrive/. With tools like UNetBootin you’ll get a message like this:

You must first mount the USB drive /dev/sdb1 to a mountpoint.

So, while you don’t mount your USB device, you cannot proceed with you disk installation. Then, it’s so easy to fix this, you only need do this step before:

Next, mount your device to this folder:

Now, use your prefered tool to write your live USB disk. Here I’m using Unetbootin:

It’s done, now just umount your device and install your unix OS.

If you want know more about advanced mount options, you can access the Help Wiki on link below:

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